Adams County Historic Preservation Commission


How you can help:


There are two, basic methods of funding our goals: 1) Obtaining large grants or donations for funding major parts of the project. 2) A program in which individuals or groups adopt and accomplish smaller chunks of the overall project.


Large Grants:

The main challenge to getting grants is finding matching funds. Most grants require that we contribute a percentage (sometimes 100%) of the amount we are awarded. Matching funds in the form of cash have the most impact because cash is more highly valued toward the match total.

Matching contributions can also be:

·        Other grant or foundation funds

·        Labor

·        Donated materials or equipment

·        Loans

·        Land sales

·        Waived local fees

·        Property value of the old courthouse


Smaller projects:

    Here is where many people may be able to help. An example of this method is already underway. A local couple have adopted the rear entrance to the building (the one everybody uses, not the formal one facing west)—including the stairway leading to the first floor lobby. They are funding the restoration of this portion of the building—restoring the historical details and refurbishing the paint and floor coverings. Assistance with design and building code details will be provided by ZGA Architects of Boise, the State Historical Preservation Office, and our commission.

    Individuals, couples, civic groups, etc could adopt other portions of the building. Skilled individuals or local contractors may perform the work, as long as it meets historic preservation standards.

The advantages of this method are that, 1) Money and time invested in this way can be counted as matching contributions toward larger grants, as mentioned above. 2) Portions of the building can be restored more quickly.  3) It will add to a sense of accomplishment, and encourage even more support and enthusiasm from the community. 4) Contributions may be tax deductible.


Any assistance or advice that you could contribute to this effort would be greatly appreciated.

We are also looking for letters of support from individuals and groups (if you have not already written one). A simple statement of why you support the preservation of the old Adams County Courthouse is all that this entails.




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